It’s Season Three of The PowerPLAY Show! Can you believe it! Thank you so much for your continued support and I encourage you to keep listening and watching The PowerPLAY Show each Thursday wherever you subscribe to podcasts or on our Youtube channel or by visiting!

Our Season 3 Premiere kicks off with my friend, renown artist Rob Stull. We'll discuss his work, how Hip Hop continues to be one of the greatest influences in his artistry, and Rob pays tribute to his dad, landmark architect Donald Stull.

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This Week on The PowerPLAY Show, I’m letting you in on a journey I’ve been on for the past three months that has changed my life. For years, I struggled with my health – being insulin dependent, high cholesterol – you name it. But one guest on my show last year changed my life. My journey – my coach, O’Neil Anderson is back – and you don’t want to miss this!

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Roberto Mighty

This Week on The PowerPLAY Show, a man whose work stands on it's own! His current projects range from love to cemeteries to what it means to grow old. Filmmaker, multi-media artist and producer Roberto Mighty joins me to discuss his work, the love of his craft and what’s next for the man who continues to create the stories for diverse audiences.

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