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Winner of the 2020 Communicators Award for Art & Culture, The PowerPLAY is now streaming on multiple platforms! You can find the latest episode of The PowerPLAY wherever you listen to your podcasts or simply go to to download the latest or past episodes.

The PowerPLAY - the premiere podcast from Tonia Magras of Hull Bay Productions brings to light the issues of power and what it means in all facets of society.

“On the PowerPLAY, we intend to speak to those in power – and what their role means for how things get done and change in our world,” says Executive Producer and co-host Tonia Magras. “We will tackle the tough questions and challenge the responsibilities of those in positions to make a difference.”

Why The PowerPLAY? Because the mission is this: listen, talk, learn and change. The very definition of power is the ability to act or produce an effect and it is this platform that will allow for change to take place and we want YOU to be a part of this movement.


At The PowerPLAY Show, we believe the power is in making strides to build the bridges and connecting the forces that will better serve ALL of our communities.


The PowerPLAY premiered on January 2, 2020. Since then, it has been streamed and/or downloaded over 2,000 times! And this year, you can not only listen to The PowerPLAY Show wherever you subscribe to podcasts - including iHeart Radio and Pandora, but you can watch interviews on our Hull Bay Productions Media Channel!

When Retired District Court Judge and co-host Severlin Singleton decided to leave The PowerPLAY in September, the show and it's executive producer Tonia Magras didn't miss a beat. 

"Sevie and I had a tremendous time producing this podcast together, and although all good things do come to an end, it's not the last you'll hear or see Sevie as part of The PowerPLAY!"

The PowerPLAY - bringing you the stories and people of and who effect power in our world! We may not get all the answers, but we will ask all the questions, because on The PowerPLAY - that's what we do!


Executive Producer & Co-Host

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Executive Producer/Head of Production

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Ray Thomas

Production Partner

RayThomas Variety Show

CEO & President at RayThomas TheBrand Consultancy LLC



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